Supplemental Information & Notes

Indirect Cost Rate

  1. Type the applicable Rate (required) as a percentage (e.g. 26.0, NOT .260).

  2. Select the appropriate cost rate basis (required).

              MTDC: Modified Total Direct Costs

              TDC: Total Direct Costs


    3. Select the appropriate location.

              On Campus

              Off Campus


    4. Select the appropriate explanation.

              Full Rate

              Internal Program Rate

              Sponsor Limited Rate

              Waiver Rate

   5. Type additional comments regarding project F&A.    

   6. Click the Save button.

Additional Compliance Attributes

  1. Click the Additional Compliance Attributes tab.

  2. Review the Additional Compliance Attributes.

  3. In Attributes Reviewed?, select Yes to complete tab (required).

  4. Click Yes to the radio buttons if applicable and complete the descriptions if applicable.   

  5. Click the Save button.

Additional Project Approvals

  1. Click the Additional Project Approvals tab.
  2. Review the Additional Project Approvals.
  3. In Additional Project Approvals Reviewed?, select Yes to complete tab (required).
  4. Click Yes to the radio button if applicable.
  5. Click the Save and Continue button to advance to the next screen.

Project Characteristics

  1. Click the Project Characteristics tab. 

  2. Review the Project Characteristics.

  3. In the Proj Characteristics Reviewed?, select Yes to complete tab (required).

  4. Click Yes to the radio buttons if applicable.

  5. Click the Save button.


Once added, notes cannot be edited. Any changes to a note made when selecting Details will not be saved in the system. If a Note needs to be amended, please add an additional note including the date and time stamp (ex: **Edit XX/XX/XXX --:-- AM/PM**) to indicate a correction. 

     1. Click the +Add Note button.

     2. Select a Topic.

    NOTE: Topic indicates where the note originates from, rather than who the note is intended for. PIs and department users should always select Department.

     3. Enter Text.

     4. Click the Add button.

     5. Repeat these steps to add additional Notes if necessary.

     6. Click the Save and Continue button to advance to the next screen.

Job Aids for Supplemental Information, Notes, and Summary-Submit Tabs