START myResearch

What is "START myResearch"?

START (Systemwide Tools for Administration of Research and Training) is the grants management software leveraging open source (Kuali Research) as well as University of Illinois developed software.  myResearch is the Principal Investigator (PI) portal that will integrate and display information from a number of different university systems, giving faculty access to the information they need to prepare, submit, route, and manage their grants.

The project will modernize and streamline the research enterprise at University of Illinois and reduce the administrative burden for faculty and business office staff, ultimately saving the University money and ensuring that we are fulfilling our financial, legal, and ethical obligations.


Faculty and other researchers: “Your work, your info” 

  • With the myResearchPortal, all your grant information will be in one place. It will integrate administrative, financial, and compliance information and will provide a yearly record of grant activity.
  • START myResearch will be rolled out over the course of several years, and you have a voice in this project.

Business Managers: “Better data, better customer service”

  • START myResearch will integrate data from multiple sources, giving the most accurate picture of the grants in your unit.

College/department administrators: “Enhanced support for faculty to do what they do best” 

  • Streamlined processes for Business office will decrease administrative bottlenecks.
  • AITS is leading this project, with unprecedented oversight from the OVCR offices.

University administrators: “Modernized systems support faculty and save the University money”

  • University-wide project with representation and input from all campuses.
  • Open-source framework means we can learn from peer institutions and avoid past problems with large software implementation.
  • This project will ease faculty burden, improve decision-making capabilities, and save the university money.