Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is START myResearch?

A: START (Systemwide Tools for Administration of Research and Training) is the implementation of Kuali Coeus open source software for grants management and myResearch Portal is the Principal Investigator (PI) portal that will integrate and display information from a number of different university systems, giving faculty access to the information they need to prepare, submit, route, and manage their grants.

The project will modernize and streamline the research enterprise at Illinois and reduce the administrative burden for faculty and business office staff, ultimately saving the university money and ensuring that we are fulfilling our financial, legal, and ethical obligations.


Q: What is Kuali Research?

A: Kuali Research is an online data management software designed for the complexities of research administration from proposal development to post-award management and compliance.  One of several higher education administration solutions offered by KualiCo, Kuali Research is a suite of web-based tools that are community-sourced and developed by a consortium of universities.  It consists of multiple distinct modules, including Proposal/Budget Development, Subawards and Negotiations, and Awards.    


Q: Is START myResearch Enterprise wide?

A: Yes. The first letter in the START acronym is Systemwide. The staff for this project are located in Chicago and Urbana-Champaign and our staff travel between both Universities. We also have had visits to Springfield and have plans to continue this practice to ensure everyone is included in the process. Our steering and executive committee is made up of members from all three Universities.  With representation and input from everyone, we are able to make decisions about business and software functionality that will fulfill the needs of the University of Illinois.