Key Personnel



NOTE:  Key personnel must be from the same University campus/location as the proposal.  Do not add Key personnel from another University campus/location.  For example, a UIUC proposal should not list any Key Personnel from UIC or UIS.  If a UIUC proposal has Key Personnel from UIC, a separate proposal should be created at UIC, the UIC Key Personnel should be added to that proposal, and then the proposal should be submitted to the Central Office at UIC.  For more questions, please contact your Central Office for assistance.

1. Click the Add Personnel button. 
    NOTE: At least one Principal Investigator is required. 

2. a. Enter in only the NetID or UIN. (preferred) 
    NOTE: All other fields will populate automatically from Banner
    NOTE: Searching by NetID or UIN will result in more accurate searches. If searching by Name, you may need to use * (wildcards) or double check the spelling. 
    b. Click Continue
    c. Select the employee. 
    d. Click the Continue… button. 

3. Select a role in Assign a role

     UIC only NOTE: The role of Key Person will require you to type in a specific role. 
Principal Investigator (PI) - An individual vested by the university with the primary responsibility to independently design, conduct, and supervise sponsored projects awarded to the university. 

PI/Contact - Enabled for NIH proposals permitting multiple Principal Investigators only. The Principal Investigator designated as the primary point of contact for NIH.

PI/Multiple - Enabled for NIH proposals permitting multiple Principal Investigators only. A Principal Investigator who is not designated as primary point of contact for NIH.

Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI) - Individuals who share the authority and responsibility as Principal Investigator on projects where the sponsor allows more than one Principal Investigator. (UIUC only link)

Co-Investigator - Individuals who serve as key project personnel, but without the oversight responsibility of a Principal Investigator.

Key Person (UIC Only) - Individuals who contribute to the scientific development or execution of a project in a substantive measurable way and is not an Investigator. Examples include Other Significant Contributor or Collaborator.

4. Click the Add Person button. 

5. Repeat these steps to add additional Key Personnel (optional). 

6. To add an additional Units for a Key Personnel (i.e. if an Investigator has multiple appointments): 
    a. Click on the person’s name. 
    b. Click the Add/Change Units link. 
    c. In Unit Number, type in the campus and six-digit org. (Example 1-101000). 
    d. Click the Search button. 
    e. Check to select the additional Unit Number
    f. Click the Return Selected button. 
    g. Repeat these steps to add additional Unit if necessary. 
UIC only NOTE: The system will require approval from all units that are added. 

7. Add Effort for each person added to Key Personnel
    a Click the Effort tab. 
    b. Enter in Effort in number of months 

NOTE:  Effort must be entered in either calendar months, or a combination of academic and summer months

NOTE:  If any measurable amount of contributed effort applies, contributed effort must also be completed in the Budget’s Cost Share.

NOTE:  It is not necessary to enter a value in all Effort fields.  It is required that at least one field contain a number which could be zero.

8. Click the Save and Continue button to advance to the next screen.

NOTE:  Save and Continue button does not advance from Unit Details to Effort.

F&A Allocation (UIC Only)

1. Enter the F& A Percentage for each unit. 
    NOTE: F&A Percentage must add up to 100. 

2. Click the Save and Continue button to advance to the next screen.

Credit Allocation (UIUC Only)

For all proposals, Intellectual Credit will be allocated among the Principal Investigator and Co-Principal Investigators at the time of the proposal submission based on their agreed upon relative contributions to the overall sponsored project.  The total credit allocation among all investigators cannot exceed 100%.  Investigators may choose to distribute their portion of credit among multiple units. For example, an investigator on a large project managed by the Institute for Genomic Biology (IGB) may choose to split his/her 20% of assigned credit evenly between IGB and Crop Sciences.

1. Enter the Intellectual Credit for each investigator. 

2. Click the Refresh View button to update the totals on the screen. 
    NOTE: The total for all investigators must add up to 100. Separately, the total for all units under each investigator must also add up to 100.

    NOTE:  If investigator has 0 intellectual credit, units may also equal 0. 

3. Click the Save and Continue button to advance to the next screen.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why are we collecting this information?

    A frequent means of measuring sponsored activity is detailing the dollars expended.  However, expenditures alone do not accurately reflect the contributions of investigators or participating units for expenditures do not necessarily reflect where the intellectual participation occurred.  This is especially true for large projects involving multiple investigators or where individual investigators simply wish to share credit between the unit administering the expenditures and their home academic unit.  To resolve this concern, we will introduce the data field of “Intellectual Credit” with the implementation of our digital submission and approval system called myProposals.

  2. Is Intellectual Credit shared with the sponsor?
    No, Intellectual Credit will remain proprietary to the University and will not be shared with the sponsor.

  3. Is Intellectual Credit correlated with the proposed project budget?
    No, credit is not related to the estimated project budget.  A project’s investigators may collectively choose to distribute credit based on the estimated budget but the two are unrelated.

  4. Is Intellectual Credit correlated with faculty effort?
    No, credit and effort are mutually exclusive of each other.  An investigator may be budgeted for 25% effort on a large multi-investigator project but receive 10% of the Intellectual Credit for the overall project.

  5. Does Intellectual Credit affect the distribution of earned overhead?
    No, credit will not impact the distribution of earned overhead.  Overhead is earned and distributed in accordance to where the funds are expended or as mutually agreed by all parties under a special distribution.

  6. How will Intellectual Credit be used in reports?
    The capture of credit will permit units to run participation reports for investigators that will showcase the credit contributions on sponsored projects independent of any sponsored expenditures.