Sponsor Help

Can't find your sponsor listed?  Have you tried:

1. All versions of the same name?

2. Potential abbreviations for your sponsor?

Examples (not an exhaustive list):

Admin (Administration)

Amer (America)

Assn or Assoc (Association)

Coll (College)

Ctr (Center)

Dept (Department)

Fdn (Foundation)

Inst (Institute)

Natl (National)

Univ (University)

3. The state postal code (IL - Illinois; MN - Minnesota, etc.)

4. Using the acronym for your sponsor?

5. The parent company name? Maybe your sponsor is a subsidiary or division under a larger company?

6. Checking the spelling?

TIP: Try typing part of the sponsor name in the myResearch Portal "smart" search to locate the precise sponsor name before searching in the myProposals â€‹system.

To request a New Sponsor, please complete the New Sponsor Request Form and select Sponsor not Listed in myProposals.