Approvals and Access

By default, TBD will be entered for the Approval – Unit Head. You must edit and enter a name for each Unit Head. To update:

1. For each approver listed, click the Edit button under Actions.

2. Enter the NetID of the Unit Head.

NOTE: Use the magnifying glass to access the person search fields if the Net ID is not known.

NOTE: The approvals tab will automatically display a line for each required approver beyond key personnel. Entries for mandatory approvers are added based on institutional policy regarding unit approval (unit head or their delegate) and cost share (if applicable) and cannot be deleted. Additional approvals can be added at the discretion of the unit, following the instructions below.

3. Type in the Reason text field, if necessary.

            NOTE: Reason automatically populates with information describing the nature of the approval request. For example, the field may display Lead Unit Approval to indicate that the individual will be providing approval on behalf of the unit, or it may contain details related to a cost share commitment. This information will be available to the approver in the myResearch Portal. Add to or edit Reason to provide more details explaining what a should be reviewed for approval.

4. Click the Save button.
            NOTE:  The Full Name will not update until you press the Save, Save and Continue button at the bottom of the screen, or press the Tab key.
  NOTE:  The Unit Head cannot be the same person as the proposal Aggregator or  PI.

Add Approval

1. Click the Add Approval button.

2. Enter the UIN or NetID of the approver.

3. Click the appropriate radio button to select the approver.

4.  Click the Continue... button.

5. Select the appropriate role.

Approval – Dean/Director – Document Level: College level approval from the dean or institute director.

Approval – Department/Institute – Document Level: Department or Unit level approval from a unit head, institute director, or an delegate assigned on his or her behalf.

Approval – Other – Document Level: Any other level of approval not captured in the previous roles that may be required by department or college policy on a case by case basis.

6. Click the Add Permission button.
7. Once the approver has been added, click the Edit button under Actions.

8. Enter a Reason for adding this approver to the proposal (optional).

9. Enter the Unit using Chart and three-digit org (Example: 1-101).

10.  Click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

11.  Repeat these steps to add additional Approvals if necessary.

Add Access

1. Click the Add Access button.

2. Enter the UIN or NetID of the approver.

3. Click the Continue… button.

4. Click the radio button to select the user.

5. Click the Continue… button.

6. Select the appropriate role.

Aggregator Document Level: User has permission to view, edit, and submit to the central office.

Proposal Viewer Document Level: User may only view the proposal.

7. Click the Add Permission button.
8. Repeat these steps to grant additional access if necessary.
9. Click the Save and Continue button to advance to the next screen.
Job Aids for Budget, Cost Share, and Approval-Access Tabs