Getting Started with SitePublish

SitePublish is available for hosting websites for System Office units, major projects and initiatives, colleges, departments, and units within the University of Illinois System. AITS does not charge for this service.

Before Requesting a Site

Request a Demo

Please contact AITS Web Content Management Services to request a demonstration of SitePublish. Contact us to discuss whether or not SitePublish would be a good solution for your website needs.

SitePublish Sandbox

Want to try out SitePublish on your own? Request access to the sandbox environment. Contact AITS Web Content Management Services for more information.

*Users will need to provide a static IP address for accessing the sandbox.

Planning a SitePublish Project

Units are responsible for providing project management for a new site. AITS supports the infrastructure and training in the use of the software; units are responsible for managing the development and completion of their sites.

Client Responsibilities

  • Clients must identify a single point of contact to work with AITS Staff as needed and serve as the coordinator for their department.
  • Clients are responsible for creating and maintaining site content.
  • Clients are responsible for ensuring compliance with accessibility requirements.
  • Clients are responsible for developing site themes beyond basic customizations provided by AITS.
  • Clients are responsible for testing their sites in a timely fashion during upgrades.

Request a Site

Ready to request a SitePublish website? Please submit a SitePublish Request form.

Once you've submitted a request, AITS Web Content Management Services will contact you regarding your request.