AITS SitePublish Services

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SitePublish is a Web Content Management System (WCMS) for hosting websites at the University of Illinois System. SitePublish was developed by Intrafinity and is supported by AITS as an Enterprise Service: hosting, maintenance, monitoring and other professional support services are provided by AITS Application Administration; software, site administration and design assistance provided by AITS Web Content Management Services; and help desk support provided by the AITS Service Desk.

SitePublish is available for hosting websites for System Office units, major projects and initiatives, colleges, departments, and units within the University of Illinois System. AITS does not charge for this service.


Authentication and Authorization
Integration with SiteMinder for authentication enabling campus AD or enterprise credentials for login. Page or section authorizations for viewing or updating content. Manage groups within the application or via Active Directory sync.
Create blogs with posts and comments, tags, moderation, rss and email notifications.
Create calendars or merged calendars for managing events, registrations, waitlists, rss, and approvals.
Content Management
WYSIWYG content editing; easy-to-use interface for creating, organizing, and maintaining pages and sections; page layout options; version history of page changes with side-by-side comparison; scheduled page releases; route changes for approvals prior to publishing; drag-and-drop content blocks and portlets between page regions; automated side and/or horizontal navigation and crumbtrails.
Custom Design
Theme style sheets and templates for department websites can be created with HTML and CSS to support responsive, mobile-friendly, and accessible design; apply themes to pages or sections of a site to provide a consistent look and efficiently manage redesigns and updates; incorporate custom elements for automated navigation, search, and other features.
Discussion Forums
Create forums for groups to post topics, comments and questions.
Forms and Workflow
Create custom forms for site pages; route forms for notifications, approvals, and complex workflows and reporting.
Knowledge Repositories
Create custom categories and subcategories to organize resources for users to filter, search, or browse.
Create custom fields and templates for news stories and automated summaries.
Photo Galleries
Organize and publish photo albums to create slideshows and displays.
Create wiki pages for collaborating with large groups of users for content creation.