About SitePublish

SitePublish provides an effective and efficient system for supporting multiple web sites and managing web content.

Who can use SitePublish?

The SitePublish Web Content Management System is available for use by:

  • System Office units;
  • Cross-campus or cross-unit projects and initiatives;
  • Colleges, Departments, or Units on any of the three campuses of the University of Illinois.

Content Management

The major strength of the SitePublish WCMS is in content management. SitePublish facilitates tiered management of web sites, so that designers can manage overall themes and templates; content managers can easily manage content; and approvers can effectively oversee complex web sites.

  • Content developers and editors can directly access specific content for development and maintenance;
  • SitePublish provides easy-to-use tools and an intuitive interface for editing within the context of pages;
  • Content approval workflow, update reminders, and reports facilitate management and oversight of site content;
  • SitePublish facilitates the use of global themes and templates for web site designers to efficiently control the look and feel of a WCMS site.

Secured Content

SitePublish has been configured to use the University-approved authentication and authorization system, SiteMinder. SiteMinder can be configured for campus-specific directories and front-end designs as needed to provide users with appropriate login mechanisms. SiteMinder may be configured to use Active Directory group information, facilitating security and controlling access.

Collaboration Tools in SitePublish

Features for collaboration available within SitePublish include: Blogs, Calendars, Chat, Discussion Forums, Document Containers, Forms Engine, Knowledge Repository, News Center, Workflow, and Workspaces.

Application Service

SitePublish provides:

  • Theme development tools for creating default templates for customized site web pages;
  • WYSIWYG, user-friendly interfaces for creating, updating, and versioning content;
  • Page-level authorizations and approval mechanisms for decentralizing content ownership and maintenance;
  • Built-in features such as Calendars, Blogs, Forms, Discussion Forums, RSS, Wikis, Chat, and Workflow;
  • Document management tools, customizable knowledge bases, workspaces, and more.

AITS provides:

  • Environment provisioning;
  • Regular security vulnerability scanning;
  • Enterprise Authentication Service (EAS) integration for authentication,and group and user authorizations;
  • Continuous monitoring and support, disaster recovery services, server performance and reliability;
  • Deployment and coordination of SitePublish software releases;
  • Templates and default settings for developing new sites based on the Global UA template;
  • Documentation, training, knowledge base, and user group coordination.
  • AITS provides these services at no charge to units.

Units provide:

  • Development of themes and templates - CSS, images, structure;
  • Content and compliance with accessibility standards and guidelines;
  • Project management;
  • Individual Site Administration responsibilities.