myFCOI Checklist

Step-by-step Instructions for:

  • Completing a myFCOI Checklist
  • Completing Non-UI Investigator Registration

 Helpful Tips for using myFCOI Checklist:

  • The applications updates in real-time with data from myProposals and START myDisclosures.
  • In the myFCOI checklist application, there are three roles: PI, Checklist Initiator, and Checklist Submitter.
  • Anyone with a Review ID may access, edit, or submit the checklist.
  • The Review ID is listed on the email notification from the COI Office.  
  • Once initiated, the checklist and any modifications will be save automatically and appear in your My Checklist folder.
  • You will not receive any notification from the application when status of compliance changes for investigators.   The best practice is to ask your investigators to let you know when they have met the FCOI training and sponsor specific disclosure requirements. Then you will need to return to myFCOI Checklist to complete the submission of the FCOI Checklist.
  • To identify if FCOI training or sponsor specific disclosure is needed, check the weekly tracking report for your University.
  • When the checklist is approved by the COI Office, the PI, Checklist Initiator, and Checklist Submitter will receive email notifications.

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 Contact COI Offices:


Linda K. Lee Drozt, JD

Regulatory Research Coordinator

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research



Scott MacEwen

Conflict of Interest Coordinator

Office of Vice Chancellor for Research



Keenan Dungey

Associate Vice Chancellor for Research & Institutional Effectiveness

University of Illinois at Springfield