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START myResearch

What is "START myResearch"?

START (Systemwide Tools for Administration of Research and Training) myResearch applications are the University's solution for online grants management designed to leverage both existing Kuali Research and internally-developed software products. START myResearch consists of the following applications:

  1. myResearch Portal:
  2. myDisclosures:
  3. myProposals
  4. myFCOI Checklist


  • START myResearch will integrate data sources, including but not limited to: Banner, myProposals and Kuali Research, giving the most accurate picture of the grants in your unit
  • myResearch Portal will allow users to view grant information in one place by integrating administrative, financial and compliance information and providing a yearly record of grant activity
  • myDisclosures will allow users to electronically submit the annual Report of Non-University Activities (RNUA) and sponsor-specific disclosures
  • myProposals will allow users to electronically obtain approvals and route to their central office with the ability to track approval status in a user-friendly display in myResearch Portal
  • myFCOI Checklist will allow users to electronically complete the Financial Conflict of Interest Checklist required for Public Health Services funded grants