myResearch Portal: Enhanced Search and Permissions
Posted on 05/24/2022

What's New?


One Project, One Result
As a project progresses through the lifecycle, individual proposal and award elements are linked together to form a single project with the most up-to-date award information front and center. The portal no longer displays each element separately, avoiding the appearance of duplicate records at a glance.

Search is split into Quick Search, Advanced, and Subrecipients options to reduce clutter. The Quick Search includes the fields most commonly used to locate projects and is best when you have a clear idea of what you’re trying to find.

Advanced search also has a cleaner look, but still allows you to add fields and search multiple parameters at the same time. This view also provides less commonly used search options, including a new ‘Opportunity ID’ field.

Subrecipients have been placed in a third category so you can now search by the name of a subrecipient in addition to the institutional subaward ID.

Result Format
Search results are no longer displayed in a standard table format—instead, they populate to a project card that more cleanly displays foundational project information. Interact by expanding the card with the three dots in the right-hand corner to display more info, like additional project personnel, central office contacts, dates and dollars, links to related records and “action” icons.

Status filters have been revamped to reflect the single project concept, instead of maintaining separate filters for proposals, agreements, and subawards. The new “Funding” filter means you can remove no-dollar agreements from your search if you choose. The “Lead Unit” filter carries over from the previous version and allows you to view only projects where your unit is managing or view all projects you have permission to view.

Project Statuses
New project statuses have been simplified to reflect the “One Project, One Result” concept. Individual proposal and award elements will retain specific statuses reflected on their summary pages, but searches will now indicate where the wholistic project stands within the sponsored research lifecycle.

New Status Cheat Sheet:

*Subawards no longer have independent statuses in search and are based on status of prime award

Decline Proposal Icon/Email Prompt
Selecting the “Mark as non-funded” icon will now open an outlook email addressed to your central office, with the from, subject, and body auto filled, instead of opening a pop-up form.


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