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University of Illinois and TeamDynamix:
Service Management Platform Implementation

TeamDynamix (TDX) is the University of Illinois' IT Service Management (ITSM) provider for all universities and the System Office. It is not just for IT Units. It is for any Department that wants a ticketing system. Find additional information in the FAQ.


The Collaborative Board governs the ITSM service.

Each campus' IT unit supports their university's TeamDynamix application.

Boards and Advisory Groups

The TeamDynamix Collaborative Board is made up of members from UIC, UIS, UIUC, and the Systems Office. The Collaborative Board has regular Product and Business Review meetings with our TDX vendor reps to look at their development roadmap and our collection of enhancement requests.

You can find past Collaborative Board Decisions on the U of I System Knowledge Base.

Collaborative Board Charter

UIC TDAG information to be added

The Urbana TDAG is comprised of representatives from campus units that support and prioritize implementation of new units to TDX and new TDX modules to units that are already on the platform. Membership includes:


  • Jen Anderson, School of Information Sciences
  • Allison Payne, IT Partners @ Gies


  • Zane Budnovich, Technology Services Cybersecurity
  • Monica Campbell, IT Partners @ AHS
  • Turance Cobb, IHR
  • Ethan Conner, Engineering IT
  • Brian Damm, Student Affairs Technology
  • Jeff Fox, Vet Med IT
  • Michael Frye, Ofc of Medicaid Innov, System Offices
  • Michelle Rome, ATLAS
  • James Shoemaker, Technology Services Help Desk
  • Justin Venus, Extension IT, College of ACES

Ex-Officio Members

  • Sheena Bishop, Tech Svcs Security & Privacy
  • Joe Blanks, TeamDymanix Product Owner/Service Owner, Technology Services
  • John Cowsert, AITS
  • Jonathan Dixon, Operational Excellence
  • Ginger Hundgen, Project Manager, Technology Services
  • Janet Jones, Executive Sponsor, Technology Services
  • Matthew Magee, AITS

You can find the list of TDAG meeting recaps in the System Knowledge Base

TDAG Charter 2023-2024

Serve as the contact point for high level TDX communications and training questions. They coordinate and facilitate sharing of training and communications resources throughout the University system. The Members are:

Communications Subcommittee:

  • Derek Briles
  • Crystal Ortega
  • Allison Payne, Collab Board representative
  • Mark Pollard, Communications Chair
  • Lauren Stream
  • Jeffery Sudduth

Training Subcommittee

  • Derek Briles
  • Brian Galli
  • Crystal Ortega
  • Wes Pate, Training Chair
  • Mark Pollard
  • James Shoemaker

Training and Communications Committee Charter

  • John Cowsert, System Offices
  • Jose Hernandez, UIC
  • Joshua Irons, UIS
  • Gary Kambic, UIUC
  • James Lockhart, UIUC
  • Matthew Magee, System Offices
  • Anthony Marino, UIC
  • Jason Noyes, UIS

Phase 1: Ticketing

Units that have used CA Service Desk Manager or Request Tracker (RT) for ticketing and/or change management are migrating to the TeamDynamix platform. This transition was completed in stages to allow for ample focus to be given to each adopting unit.


  • Complete: Technology Services migrated to TDX for ticketing in February 2021
  • Complete: UIUC units using CA Service Desk Manager for ticketing successfully migrated to TDX during FY21


  • Complete: Technology Solutions successfully migrated to TDX for ticketing and change management in February 2021
  • Complete: UIC units using RT migrating to TDX. Completion is expected by June 30, 2022


  • Complete: Information Technology Services migrated to TDX for ticketing in February 2021

System Offices

  • Complete: AITS successfully migrated to TDX for ticketing in February 2021
  • Complete: System Offices units using CA Service Desk Manager for ticketing successfully migrated to TDX during FY21
  • Complete: AITS migrating Change Management/CMDB to TDX. Completion is expected by June 30, 2022

Phase 2: Transition to Service Operation

Units that are not part of the Phase 1 migration and request to be onboarded, will join the TeamDynamix platform, in an order determined by the respective university’s Advisory Group. Requests to be included in Phase 2 migrations will be accepted until June 30, 2022. At this point, the U of I System-level project will close and future migrations will be completed through operational processes managed by the respective Advisory Groups.

Phase 3: Asset Management and API

Provide Asset Management applications and associated APIs for TDX at Illinois campus units with guidance and prioritization by TDAG.

The Project Team for Phase 3 - Asset Management and API met with the working group (interested campus units) to discuss next steps after 3-weeks of “kicking the tires.” Several campus units have chosen to proceed with their own production Asset apps. The Project Team is coordinating meetings to discuss with those interested units. The sandbox will stay open for other units who still need testing time. Thanks to the working group’s valuable feedback, Urbana TDAG is working with the Project Team and Global Admins to facilitate a recommendations/best practices document around naming conventions and other common usage guidelines for the Asset apps. The working group has also identified some training and documentation needs for the CTC to facilitate.