The U of I Tableau Server is Live!

Are you ready to publish your Tableau Dashboard? Has your Dean asked you to share your visualization with them? Now you can!

With the Tableau Server service offered by AITS you can:

  • host your Tableau dashboard/visualizations on a secure and University managed environment;
  • control the security of your dashboard. Determine who you want to see your dashboard or keep your dashboard private;
  • provide value to the University by creating informative dashboards and sharing them with others;
  • access your data on the go. Author a dashboard once, view or edit it anywhere. All dashboards are automatically optimized for mobile tablets without any programming.

Whether you're building a platform for a team or an entire organization, the Tableau Server service offered by AITS is designed to help you along the way with our tips, support and publishing guidelines.

Let your data do the talking and publish today!