System Status Steering Team

The Status Page Steering Team is an advisory, coordinating, and decision making group. It serves as a focal point to review Status Page application issues and ensures that proposed solutions are reviewed and vetted from a functional perspective. It provides guidance to IT organizations and governing bodies on the relative priority of the requests. The steering team is not directly responsible for the implementation of the enhancements; however team members are expected to participate in any projects or testing activities generated through the Status Page application enhancement request process. 


The Status Page Steering Team membership includes representation from interested parties from any University of Illinois department or college that are utilizing the website. The membership in this committee is not meant to be perpetual; membership and the chairperson should rotate on a periodic basis. Membership may be adjusted based upon application usage. The committee’s members are:
Committee Chair – responsible for meeting coordination and facilitation:
  • Beth Vanichtheeranont - Technology Services
Committee Members – provides subject matter expertise, recommends solutions and prioritizes defect resolutions and enhancement requests:
Voting Members:
  • Beth Vanichtheeranont -- Technology Services Application Services
  • Chris Barton -- AITS Architecture 
  • Craig Flowers -- Veterinary Medicine IT
  • Colleen Merle-Miller -- AITS Decision Support/Data Architecture
  • Debbie Fligor -- Technology Services Networking
  • Debbie Peterson -- AITS Deployment
  • James Lane - Technology Services IT Field Consultant
  • Jannah Coon -- AITS Development
  • Joshua Henry - ACES IT
  • Kara McElwrath -- UIS ITS
  • Megean Osuchowski -- University Library
  • Ryan Sharpe -- Technology Services Campus Collaborative Services
  • Ryan Thomas -- College of Education IT
  • Vernon Huber -- UIS ITS
The committee membership will be adjusted by the committee’s chair with consultation with the committee’s members.
The committee currently meets once per month.