Getting Started with Subversion

Customer Responsibilities

Users must request and receive approval to access modules within the Subversion repository. Users must take precautions to access Subversion from a secure laptop and network connection. Once the user has locally checked out files from a Subversion repository, they are responsible for keeping the information in the files secure.

Request New Subversion Repository

Please contact AITS Service Desk specifying:

  • Size of repository
  • Range of ip addresses that will need to connect to repository
  • Initial list of user netid's that should be granted access
  • Contact list for repository related issues
  • Import requirements (empty repository vs. dump file/etc)

Downloading and Installing Subversion Clients

All connections to Subversion currently authenticate using Enterprise Authentication Service (EAS) credentials over HTTPS. All users must have an EAS account to access supported Subversion repositories.

Installing Windows Subversion clients

TortoiseSVN User Manual: For basic TortoiseSVN functionality instructions please refer to the TortoiseSVN User Manual. A quick reference for the TortoiseMerge tool (packaged with TortoiseSVN) is also available in the TortoiseMerge User Manual.

Installing MacOS, Linux or Unix Subversion clients

SyncroSVN User Manual: For basic SyncroSVN functionality instructions please refer to the SyncroSVN User Manual. Video tutorials on how to use advanced features within SyncroSVN are also available on the SyncroSVN Video Tutorial page.

For access problems, questions, or comments, contact the AITS Service Desk at 217-333-3102 Urbana or 312-996-4806 Chicago. You can also e-mail the AITS Service Desk at