Linking to Documents

SitePublish provides a Workspace area for users to upload files (PDFs, Word Documents, Excel files, and more). The Workspace can be set up with folders and subfolders, and different folders can be set up for different permissions for various groups.

The workspace area is available within all SitePublish sites, and is available to users with permissions to create folders and upload files (site administrators, content managers, etc.) at: http://#yourSiteName#/workspaces.

Once a file is in an area within the workspace, it can be linked to by:

  1. Go to a page in your site and select Check Out & Edit under page properties
  2. highlight the text and copy the text you want to link to the document
  3. click the "Cslink" button in the toolbar (second button from the right on the bottom row of the editor (if this is not available in your customized editor, contact your site administrator).
  4. Click "select destination."
  5. Navigate the workspace folders and select the file you want to link to
  6. The file name will now appear in the Workspace Link Text box - paste your copied text over this
  7. Click insert
  8. Publish your changes and the link should now bring up your file when selected.