Operational Support

AITS provides application administration and coordination services for SitePublish website hosting. AITS Application Administration services are professional services that leverage industry best practices for supporting and maintaining complex, multi-tiered enterprise applications.

Services provided by AITS for SitePublish include database and application server support, website environment provisioning, security vulnerability scanning, authentication/authorization integration, software release management, disaster recovery services, performance tuning, training and coordination, application monitoring, and service desk support.

View the AITS web site for more information on AITS Application Administration.   

Units participating in this service provide their own migrations, site designs, testing, project management and maintenance of their sites. Units also participate in ongoing software testing and maintenance activities related to the overall SitePublish software implementation.

Software Releases, Coordination and Deployment

AITS works with the vendor to install new SitePublish software versions in different environments for user testing and security vulnerability scanning. Patches, system configurations, and releases are installed first in all SitePublish development (DEV) environments. Initial testing is done by AITS to ensure basic functionality and any targeted fixes have been addressed.

Site Administrators are notified and given an appropriate time frame (at least two weeks) for validation testing for their specific sites. Any issues found by Site Administrators need to reported to AITS Web Content Management Services.

Once issues and/or security vulnerabilities are addressed, the new version may then be approved for deployment scheduling to all production environments.

For questions or assistance, please contact AITS Web Content Management Services.