2016 Update and Timeline

Status Summary

Last Updated: November 2016

The SharePoint 2016 upgrade project is underway. Kickoff was held on November 1, 2016. You can find the kickoff presentation here.

The project goals are:

  1. Build SharePoint 2016 farms in Development, Test and Production Environments
  2. Upgrade SharePoint 2013 Production databases to SharePoint 2016 Test farms
    • The SP 2013 site will be called old.intranet.uillinois.edu
  3. Keep the same URL for SP 2013 (https://intranet.uillinois.edu)
  4. SharePoint 2013 will be decommissioned 6 months after SP2016 goes live

SharePoint 2016 upgrade methodology:

  • Upgrade service databases to SP2016
  • Upgrade ALL site collections to SP2016

Site Collection Administrator Role:

  • Coordinate their site collections upgrade with their department   
    • Communication
    • Testing
      • Test all site collections
      • Report issues to "2016 Upgrade" discussion board
      • Provide time for department testing
      • Ensure issues resulted from testing are resolved
  • How to look for help

Proposed High-Level Schedule

  • November 2016 - Develop Roll-out Plan
  • October 2016 - January 2017 - Alpha Testing (Development environment)
  • February - April 2017 - Dress Rehearsal 1
  • May - June 2017 - Dress Rehearsal 2
  • July 2017 - Production Go Live
  • January 2017 - Decommission SP 2013

The Project Team 

Role/Participant Responsibility
Nyle Bolliger, Brian Schoudel Director of SharePoint Shared Service provides overall project oversight and approval of deliverables
SharePoint Shared Service Advisory Group Provide consultation on project deliverables
Brad Horn, Larry Gibson, Hussain Zaidi Conduct technical planning, upgrade installations, and systems testing
Pawal Czarnota, Amanda Hemming Provide functional analysis and testing, serve as the main liaisons with end-users
Database Administrator (DBA) Conduct database provisioning and configuration
Mark Pollard Communicate preparation info to site collection administrators
QAs Conduct vulnerability, load, and accessibility testing
Windows Administrators Server provisioning
Deployment Implement the upgrade to Production environments
Security Provide security assessment and sign-off
Noni Ledford Provide project management oversight to ensure project deliverables meet the requirements