SiteMinder Installation Process

Required Items to Request an Agent Installation

To request a web agent installation, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Name of department requesting the installation
  • IP addresses of the server(s) being protected
  • Host Name(s) of the servers
  • URL(s) being protected
  • Operating system of the web/application server being protected. Give the specific version of Windows, Linux, or UNIX. Specify whether 32/64-bit
  • Type of Web/Application server (Apache, Tomcat, IIS, etc.)

How to Request Agent Installation

To request an agent installation over the web, go to

To request an agent installation over email, send an email to Please include the required items listed in the section above (Department, Server IP Addresses, OS Platform, etc.)

How Applications Use Siteminder

When an application is protected by a SiteMinder agent, it will require the user to authenticate before accessing the protected application. SiteMinder will also identify the authenticated user to the protected application. This identification occurs by providing HTTP headers that can be read by the protected application.

The following are a list of standard headers that will be provided to all protected applications as well as a supplemental list of headers that can be provide upon request to legacy Bluestem applications.

Standard HTTP Headers

  • SM_USER: jsmith
  • SM_USERDN: uid=jsmith,ou=Production, ou=People, dc=uillinois, dc=edu
  • DISPLAY_NAME1: John Smith
  • DISPLAY_NAME2: Smith, John
  • UIN: 111111111
  • LAST_NAME: Smith
  • FIRST_NAME: John
  • REMOTE_USER: jsmith

Supplemental Bluestem HTTP Headers (Available upon request)

  • BLUESTEM_ID: jsmith
  • BLUESTEM_USER: jsmith