Project Overview

The goal of this project is to implement an IAM solution to address the University of Illinois System's need to manage identity and access issues. This project will be implemented in three phases that span over 2 to 4 years. The following describes the three phases of the project, which may overlap based on the project planning.

Identity Provisioning and Administration

During this phase the University will be implementing technology and modifying business processes to improve the management of identity proofing, provisioning/de-provisioning, and the enforcement of identity policies and procedures. By the end of this phase the University of Illinois will have an enterprise-wide process for identity administration, roles and groups management. A process will be created to ensure the mapping of one person to one identity. Finally, one of the goals of this phase is to deploy a University-wide service that provides current data about identities associated with the University. This service will be accessible by downstream systems used for access management and reporting.

Access Management

The main goal of this phase is to manage and streamline the authentication, authorization, and identity federation processes across the entire University. An effective Access Management system will reduce the overhead and simplify the integration of new applications and services with these functions. By the end of this phase the University will be able to streamline IDs used to access University services, introduce some type of single or reduced logon service, and improve authentication assurance levels. The University will also simplify its ability to federate with internal and external service providers.

Identity Business Intelligence and Auditing

The primary goal of this phase is to streamline, automate, and simplify the reporting on identity data. By the end of this phase, the University will have reduced time and overhead in reporting and responding to audit requests and ensured compliance with regulatory requirements. Many of the auditing and reporting capabilities will be implemented during the first two phases of the project as part of the vended solution(s).