Adobe Sign Get Started guide

Welcome to Adobe Sign!

Before you begin using Adobe Sign, we’ve got some basics to run through. The purpose of this guide is to get you familiar with Adobe Sign and the functionality available to you as a user. This guide covers all the important processes in Adobe Sign and familiarizes you with the user interface.

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Page by Page Overview

Quick overview of:

  • Home Page
  • Send Page
  • Manage Page
  • Reports Page

Sending Agreements

Sending documents and collecting signatures and approvals is what Adobe Sign is all about! Every customer has different requirements regarding who needs to interact with the document and in what order, so there are a number of workflow features available in the Send page interface you should know about.

Signing Environment

Experiencing the signing process is helpful in understanding the end result of the configurations done by the sender. Follow the below link to get a feel for the signers’ experience.

Managing Agreements

Managing your agreements is an important part of working with Adobe Sign. Use the Manage page to track, process, and customize agreements. Whether it’s canceling an agreement or replacing the signer, these processes allow you to influence the transaction’s progress in the system.

Reports (business and enterprise service levels only)

The report feature lets you check on how your account is using Adobe Sign. Build your own reports and gain complete visibility into your document signing process, while seeing how individual groups or users are doing.

Preview and Authoring Experience

The Authoring environment provides the form building functionality for Adobe Sign. Beyond placing signature fields, you can include fields that auto-populate content, like the date or the signers signature values (when known), or text fields that do content validation and/or complex calculations. Other common field types such as dropdown boxes, radio buttons and check boxes are also available

Library Templates

A library template is a reusable object. Adobe Sign supports two types of library templates: document templates and form field templates.

Alternate Workflows for Signatures

There are a number of workflows you can use to send documents for signatures, collect signatures, and send a signed document including the following:

  • Sending using "Fill & Sign"
  • Sending using Mega Sign
  • Using web forms to collect signatures

The following sections discuss each of these processes in more detail.

Mobile Devices

Signing is one the main functions of Adobe Sign. Anyone can sign via an email link on any web browser on their computer or using their mobile device. If you have an Adobe Sign account, you can also sign using the “Adobe Sign manager” iOS or Android native app. You can also initiate signing from the Manage page. Signing is also built into the “Fill & Sign” process. Adobe Sign supports the latest web browsers on smartphones and tablets that run the iOS or Android operating systems.

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