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myProposals Help - General Information & FAQs

General Information

  • Do not use the Back button in your browser.
  • You must close proposals.  If you do not close them, they will stay open and in a locked status.
  • Logout will log you out of all START applications in other tabs.
  • Download a copy of the Aggregator Training Guide.
  • Need Help? Email

Persistent Menu Items in myProposals

  • Action List: Provides a list of proposals you created that have not been submitted to Central Office.
  • Doc Search: Enables you to search for a proposal by the Doc Nbr.
  • Doc Nbr: Auto assigned number from myProposals.
  • Initiator: NetID of the person that originally created the proposal.
  • Status: The current status of the proposal.
  • View in myResearch Portal link: This link will take you directly to the proposal within the myResearch Portal application.
  • Central Office Contact link: This link will open a pop-up that displays the contact information for the specialist from the Central Office assigned to assist you.
  • Data Validation: Turning on data validation will review all screens of your proposal and provide warnings or errors to items that are missing or are incorrect.
  • Copy: Copies the proposal.
  • Link: Provides the URL to the current screen in the proposal.
  • Help: Provides a list of web-pages to obtain additional help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is myProposals?

A: An electronic system to create, submit, and route proposals for approvals.


Q: With the addition of myProposals, there are now multiple locations to create and submit Sponsored Research information.  Why so many?  Why can’t we have one system?  Are there future plans to consolidate?

A: myProposals allows for proposals to be created and submitted electronically.  All approvals can be submitted electronically in myResearch Portal.  Unfortunately, there was not a way to consolidate everything into one system at this time, but we think that having approvals online in myResearch Portal makes it more user-friendly and accessible.  As far as future plans, they are dependent on budgetary constraints. 


Q: Where is Chart 9 in myProposals?

A: Chart 9 has been separated into 9C for Chicago, 9S for Springfield, and 9U for Urbana.  For access to Chart 9, please contact your USC for permission: 


Q: Can PIF/PAF approvals be captured online?

A: Online approvals will be captured in a new release of myResearch Portal that is scheduled to go live with myProposals.

Contact Information

For Help, email

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Sponsored Programs Administration
1901 S. First Street 
Suite A, MC-685 
Champaign, IL 61820

University of Illinois at Chicago
Office of Research Services
304 AOB
MC 672
1737 West Polk Street
Chicago, Illinois 60612

University of Illinois at Springfield
Research & Sponsored Programs
One University Plaza, MS PAC 525
Springfield, IL 62703