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Service Desk Manager Transition Information

Service Desk Manager (SDM) to TeamDynamix (TDX) Terminology

TeamDynamix uses terminology that is inconsistent with University terminology. There is a guide designed to bring consistency to University instances of TDX in the TDX Style guide. It can be found right after the Table of Contents. A full glossary of terms provided by TDX is also available for reference.

SDM Transition Frequently Asked Questions

Will SDM Tickets by migrated to TDX?

No. Your existing SDM tickets will remain accessible until June 2021 when SDM is expected to be decommissioned. If you have tickets open in SDM when you transition to TeamDynamix, you can work them to completion in SDM. However, you will not be able to communicate with the Affected End User using Manual Notify from SDM tickets once you have migrated to TeamDynamix.

Can I use SDM after migrating to TDX?

Yes, until SDM is decommissioned sometime in June 2021.  You should only use SDM to reference your old tickets and close out or manually migrate any active tickets.

Can I export tickets from SDM and keep them for reference?

Yes, you can export tickets to PDF format:

  1. Run a query (Search > Requests) to pull a list of the tickets you want to export
  2. Generate a detailed report from the search results (Reports > Detailed)
    • this step may take awhile depending on how many tickets you're exporting. Rule of thumb is keep it under 500
  3. The report will appear in a new window. You can print it to a PDF

After I've migrated to TDX, how do I share tickets with a group still on SDM?

To transfer a ticket from SDM to TDX

  • open the ticket from SDM
  • select Reports->Detail...
  • print to PDF
  • attach PDF to new TDX ticket/email
  • reference the SDM ticket number in the new TDX ticket

To transfer a ticket from TDX to SDM

  • open the ticket from TDX
  • Print View button
  • print to PDF
  • attach PDF to new SDM ticket/email
  • reference the TDX ticket number in the new SDM ticket