Terms of Service

Cost: Free

  • Adobe Sign is free for departments to use. Departments are encouraged to make full use of Adobe Sign to increase efficiency and productivity when collecting signatures, subject to reasonable use.
  • Although the cost is expected to remain free, the cost will be reviewed each fiscal year based on funding and usage. Notice will be provided at least 30 days before any cost increase.
  • For internal, high volume forms where a facsimile signature is not required, consider using tools such as FormBuilder, Webtools Forms, or Laserfiche (UIC) which have no transaction limit.


  • Email Address: Signers must use their individual university email address (i.e., netid@illinois.edu, netid@uic.edu, or netid@uis.edu) when possible.
    • To ensure that their signature is validated by the university authentication service, resource accounts (e.g, department@illinois.edu), sub-domains (e.g., user@dept.uis.edu), and system office addresses (e.g., netid@uillinois.edu) should NOT be used.
  • Delegation: Signers must sign as themselves.
    • A signature can be delegated, but that new person will sign as themselves. A note can be added that the signature authority was delegated.
    • Comptroller delegates: In order to comply with contract requirements from the State of Illinois Office of the Comptroller, certain information must appear in the signature block on all contract documents that are signed on behalf of the Comptroller. Refer to OBFS Policy 1.3.1 for the required information.


  • Completed documents must be saved to your departmental record keeping system.
  • Documents are automatically deleted from Adobe Sign, 30 days after they are completed.



The University Privacy and Security Offices, in conjunction with the University SSN Coordinators, approve the use of Adobe Sign for High Risk data with the exception of Controlled Unclassified  Information (CUI), Credit Card or Payment Card Industry (PCI) Information, Export Controlled Research  (ITAR, EAR), Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) Data, or HIPAA data. Storing and/or processing of any Adobe Sign documents containing High Risk data outside of the Adobe Sign environment (this includes but is not limited to use within email) must be approved by the appropriate University Privacy and Security Office(s) and Compliance Office(s).