Kuali Foundation

The University of Illinois System is a member of The Kuali Foundation, a collaborative group of colleges, universities, commercial firms and interested organizations that share a common vision of open, modular, and distributed systems for their software requirements. Kuali members are working together sharing best practices and insights to reduce costs and provide sustainable software that helps schools keep their money in their mission by significantly reducing administrative costs and promoting administrative best practices. For more information, refer to the Kuali Foundation site.

Kuali Coeus Sustaining Partner

 Kuali Coeus (KC) is one of several Kuali projects working with the oversight of the Kuali Foundation. Prior to Coeus, effective online systems for research administration that went beyond the internal efforts of individual institutions didn’t exist. With the implementation of Coeus, Kuali organizations have realized the opportunity for comprehensive online research administration based on the best practices of collaborative development.

Prior to joining the Kuali Coeus project as a Sustaining Partner in the fall of 2013, the University of Illinois was providing research administration services on a campus-by-campus basis with the software applications available and supplemental manual processing. After review, the University determined the current business software environment was not adequately fulfilling the administration, compliance and regulatory needs and the decided it was in its research community’s best interest to utilize Kuali Coeus in order to address the growing needs for research protocol, proposal submissions, and award management.

In conjunction with this partnership, the U of I System embarked on a new project, START myResearch, to modernize and streamline the research enterprise at the University and reduce the administrative burden for faculty and business office staff, ultimately saving the University money and ensuring that we are fulfilling our financial, legal, and ethical obligations.

Kuali Coeus Functional Council Representatives:

Youngwook Song, Associate Director, Research Administration Technology Services, AITS | ywsong@uillinois.edu, 217-244-7116.

Sean Ireland, Enterprise Systems Specialist, AITS | sireland@uillinois.edu, 217-333-5457

For project related questions, please contact:

Project Director - Youngwook Song, ywsong@uillinois.edu, 217.244.7116

Project Coordinator - AJ Lavender, ajl@uillinois.edu, 217.244.269

Kuali Ready Investing Partner

Kuali Ready is a business continuity planning tool that is specific to institutions of higher education. Its aim is to increase the institution's ability to keep operating in the face of disruptive events. Kuali Ready produces departmental continuity plans, and can be used by any type of department - instructional, research, support, administrative, collections, and clinical.

Kuali Ready Board Representative:

Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Chief Information Officer, Academic Computing and Communications Center (ACCC), UIC | cynthiar@uic.edu, 312-413-2495

Kuali Ready Functional Council Representative:

David Ibrahim, Director of Preparedness and Response, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, UIC | dibrah1@uic.edu, 312-355-1737


For more information about the University’s Kuali memberships, please contact:

Leana Coffey
AITS | University of Illinois System
lcoffey@uillinois.edu | 217-333-7826