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What is U of I Box?

U of I Box is the University of Illinois' instance of leading online cloud content service, U of I Box will provide content management services, mobile access to files, online collaboration workspaces, FTP, and general document management to U of I students, faculty, and staff with a high degree of functionality across multiple desktop and mobile platforms.

U of I Box Provides:

  • 50 GB of storage for students, faculty, and staff--far more than eDocs or Webdisks
  • Team Folders provide significantly more storage for units, groups, and departments
  • Secure, legal storage and access of confidential FERPA data
  • Mobile security that is on par with desktop security
  • The ability to share files with other campus users or with people from other institutions, companies or the general public (e.g., vendors, grant agencies, media outlets, etc.)*
  • The ability to share files through online course management systems such as Blackboard and IllinoisCompass 2g
  • The ability to create dropboxes into which students can turn in their assignments without violating each other’s FERPA confidentiality
  • The ability to upload, download, and stream audio or video using Box’s integrated media players*
  • Mobile versions that enable collaboration on Android, iOS, and other html-compatible mobile browsers

NOTE: Not all of the applications you can use from within your U of I Box account, nor on your mobile device, are included in the U of I Box Terms of Service. This doesn’t mean you can’t use them, but it does mean their security and appropriateness have not been reviewed. Nor are all the available applications free. We have chosen to leave these apps available to the campus community, but please exercise caution when using any app, free or paid, with your U of I Box files. As with all internet-based applications, no third-party application should be used with confidential or high risk data (such as student data) unless the application has been reviewed by your campus security office (,,

A list of the applications that are included with our contract (those apps developed by are available at Official Box on the Box website.

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*Please obey all applicable copyright laws and policies while using U of I Box. For more information, see Box Terms of Service.