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About the U of I Box Implementation Project

In October 2011, the I2 (Internet2) Consortium asked the University of Illinois to join a number of I2 institutions who are provisioning their data storage & management services through the online cloud service provider,

Box is an industry leader in Enterprise cloud service solutions that serves many Fortune 500 companies and a number of prestigious educational institutions. Box’s focus on secure Enterprise collaboration and synchronized 3rd-party tool integration makes it the ideal cloud solution for the University of Illinois community.

Beyond mere data storage, however, the U of I instance of Box will enable students, faculty and staff the mobility & space, as well as the functionality, to collaborate with their colleagues in ways that were not possible before. U of I Box will provide content management services, mobile access to files, online collaboration workspaces, FTP, and general document management to U of I students, faculty, and staff--all with a high degree of functionality across multiple platforms with no infrastructure support, maintenance, or replacement costs.

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Advantages of Implementing

  • Enterprise management
  • Strong security on the Application, Network, and Facilities levels
  • Data mobility
  • Substantial storage space
  • Integrated online collaboration tools
  • FERPA compliance
  • High-end availability & reliability with a 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Integrated compatibility with other online systems such as Google Apps, LinkedIn, iOS, and Android
  • Integration with existing systems by using OpenBox API
  • Substantial storage space
  • Online collaboration tools

Some Other Early-Adopters in the I2's Box Project


The U of I instance of the I2 Box Project, U of I Box, was brought about by a collaborative effort between the I2 Consortium, CITES, ACCC, AITS, ITS, and many other contributors, organizations, and groups.

The U of I Box Project Team would like to express our thanks to those individuals whose support, contributions and guidance helped make this project a success.

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